Slot Viewer

1. a slot on a machine into which a coin or paper ticket is inserted (in “ticket-in, ticket-out” machines). 2. a time, space, or opportunity for an event, activity, or job. 3. an opening, hole, groove, slit, or passage

Most slots open automatically in a Slot Viewer and have the same configuration options as all other slots (see Section 6.3.1). Slots that have a special menu option are Series Slots with Expression and Series Slots with Periodic Input and are shown in a special Slot Dialog when clicked. They also have additional configuration and menu options that are specific to their slot type.

The key areas of a slot are the datetime selector and scroll button, the data values in the cells, and the various icons and buttons used to control display compression, show notes, etc. There is also a Plot with Snapshots button that allows you to plot the contents of the slot as well as all its snapshots.

To use a statistical table slot, you must first specify which columns to plot by clicking the Plot with Snapshots button (if available) in the slot dialog. The selected column values are then displayed on a graph, along with the results of all other snapshots in the same slot. To remove a particular result from the graph, simply click the Remove result button. Note that when the slot is configured to Interpolate, the values are not actually plotted; instead, a smooth linear interpolation between the snapshots is performed.